Thursday 6 October 2022

Ukraine: bogus 'anti imperialism' serves the Kremlin

Based on a talk at an on line event, arranged by the Future of the Left group, at which I debated how the UK labour movement should respond to the war in Ukraine, with Richard Sakwa

Cut motor traffic. Live better lives. Tackle climate change

 A submission to the borough of Greenwich consultation on its transport strategy.

Europe Is Trying to Solve Its Energy Crisis With Fossil Fuel Projects in Africa

In response to the Russian gas supply squeeze and rising food and fuel prices, European governments are paving the way to massive investments in fossil fuels from non-Russian sources that imperil efforts to tackle climate change. Published by Truthout

The EU's plan for Ukraine hydrogen exports is colonialist greenwash

Plan to pipe huge amounts of resource-intensive “green” hydrogen to Europe would undermine Ukraine’s recovery. A comment article in OpenDemocracy

Durham and Ukraine miners: historic links of friendship

Durham miners have sent aid to Ukrainian mining communities near the front lines. Their friendship goes back to the early 1990s, and built on links made over decades before that. A feature article published in the programme for the Durham Miners Gala on Saturday 9 July.

Why is Ukrainian resistance invisible to you?

An appeal to supporters of the Stop the War Coalition. These are notes I made for a meeting I was invited to, to discuss UK labour movement attitude to the war in Ukraine.